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Meet Our Composers

Andrea Clearfield is an award-winning composer of music for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensemble, dance
Bettina’s works reflect her varied background as singer, pianist, and composer, after many years spent in dramatic and musical theatre. …
Bobby Halvorson is currently working to earn his Doctorate from California Institute of the Arts
Carson Cooman (b. 1982) is an American composer with a catalog of hundreds of works in many forms—from solo instrumental…
David was raised just outside of Birmingham, AL with a brief stint in rural New Jersey, and
David Hurd was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in Queens, attending both the High School of Music and…
Ethan Gans-Morse is a critically-acclaimed composer, producer, and ensemble director based
When Ezra Donner was three years old, his father introduced him to a classic recording of the last movement...
As a freelance performer Fahad specializes in contemporary and experimental music...
Harry Einhorn is a composer and inter-disciplinary performing artist based in New York City.
James Lark (b. 1979) has written music for the choir of Westminster Abbey, Graham Johnson with The Songmakers’ Almanac at…
A performer who is comfortable with many genres, John Edward Cantrell, is considered one of the most versatile church musicians…
Before completing his PhD in the history and theory of architecture at the University of
Jon Olmstead was born and raised in Vermont. He studied composition at Skidmore College from 2006
Jonathan David was born in 1965 in New Haven, Connecticut, and raised in New York City. From age
Joseph N. Rubinstein (b. 1986) grew up in Newport News, VA and currently resides in New York City. Joseph’s music
Composer Karen Siegel draws on her experience as a vocalist in her creation of innovative choral
Composer Martha Sullivan writes primarily for the human voice. Her many commissions and awards
Michael Conley has earned a notable reputation in the United States and abroad for his multifaceted career as conductor, pianist,…
NILO ALCALA is a Los Angeles-based Filipino composer whose works have been performed in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Rachel DeVore Fogarty's critically acclaimed and awarded works have been commissioned or
Robinson McClellan has received commissions, awards and residencies from the Albany, Ft. Worth
Stephen Barr is an award-winning composer, conductor, and orchestrator working in Pittsburgh, PA.
Raised in Texas, with family roots in country-swing and gospel, Toby Twining has traveled musically
Trevor Shaw is an Austin, Texas-based musician who stumbled into the world of choral music by accident.