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See-A-Dot Music Publishing exists to help conductors easily find great new choral music

To help you find unknown pieces, we created a search tool using parameters that are relevant without being too complicated.

Meet Our Composers

  • Andrea Clearfield
    Andrea Clearfield
    Andrea Clearfield is an award-winning composer of music for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensemble, dance
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  • Bobby Halvorson
    bobby halvorson
    Bobby Halvorson is currently working to earn his Doctorate from California Institute of the Arts
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Recent News

  • Looking through the See-A-Dot Catalog felt like opening presents at Christmas!

    Matt Oltman, Conductor Emeritus of Chanticleer
  • I was most pleased to come across this resource for innovative and high quality new music.

    Thomas Holm, Conductor at Northwestern College
  • I'm a bit wonky for new choral music and this site grabbed my interest right away.

    Stacy Weger, Director of Choral Activities, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
  • Working with See-A-Dot Music has already given me some very good, new, ideas for both repertoire and composers to explore.

    Bill Skoog, Director of Choral Studies, Rhodes College
  • It is so challenging to find new repertoire that is not 'the same old stuff' and I am grateful See-A-Dot Music is out there making it more accessible to all of us.

    Julie Haydon, Director of Cantare Children's Choirs of Oakland