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New Pieces for Mixed, Treble, and Men’s Choir

  • August 5, 2014

We pride ourselves on carrying a small, tightly curated, and excellent collection of new choral music, and we love it so much we want to make sure it’s available for anyone who wants to perform it. Whenever possible, we (well, the composers usually) create arrangements of each piece for a variety choir types, so if you hear something you like but direct a men’s chorus, there is plenty for you to look at. Here are some of the latest pieces to check out (links to recording and score previews included):

Men’s Choir

Alleluia – Rachel Fogarty 

A modern re-imagining of chant elements combined with a multi-metric feel and joyful melody. Great for a concert or church service.

Alleluia – Jonathan David

A lyrical setting of the Alleluia with an underlying ostinato chant that is both solemn and passionate. This is a stirring piece and makes a powerful opening number. It can be a cappella or with an optional organ accompaniment. 

Genghis Khan – Bobby Halvorson

An eclectic mix of spoken word/chant and fun rhythmic harmonies. You’ll likely have never seen anything like this one before.

Out Of The Rolling Ocean – Fahad Siadat

Beautiful harmonies and a gentle sweeping melody. This piece is a joy to sing and features a stunning text by Walt Whitman. This is particularly suited to community chorales and high school singers.

Seven Line Supplication to Guru Rinpoche – Harry Einhorn

This hypnotic, chant-like piece, is both a choir and audience favorite. It’s got a touch of exotic flavor and great rhythmic energy juxtaposed with jazz-like harmonies. A study in long phrases, rhythmic unity, and breath control.

Mixed Choir

Tse Go La – Andrea Clearfield

A deeply lyrical piece composed of a soaring melody layered upon itself. This piece is a movement from the larger cantata Tse Go La (coming soon!) and gives ample opportunity for soloists to shine and offers satisfying lines for the singers. Good for teaching phrasing and musical expression, as well as stylistic ornamentation.

Maskil of David – Karen Siegel

A beautiful and haunting setting of psalm 55 that reflects the deeply emotional and personal way David speaks to God. It can be performed with a full choir or one on a part.

Treble Choir

Shar Ki Ri – Andrea Clearfield

Fast paced and energetic, this danceable piece incorporates foot stomps and spoken text interspersed with catchy melodies. It is a movement from the larger cantata Tse Go La (coming soon!). A great piece for teaching rhythmic precision that is a favorite of both singers and audience.

Alleluia – Rachel Fogarty

See above for Description

Please note all recordings and score samples on the site will be for the piece’s original choir type. I hope that doesn’t cause any confusion! You can email to request perusal scores for specific choir arrangements.


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