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Call for Scores: Pieces for SAB Choir

See-A-Dot Music Publishing is currently seeking new works for middle-school and junior high school choir to publish. See-A-Dot has taken an interest in curating a high quality collection of innovative and original choral works for SAB appropriate for younger voices, and we are also interested in introducing fun, exciting techniques to younger music students that can be included in a middle-school choir curriculum.

We are looking for pieces that are:

• Between 3-5 minutes long

• Arranged for SAB choir

• Appropriate for younger singers

• No arrangements please

Ideally, these pieces should be simple enough for middle-school singers to learn, but seeks to challenge them either through the subject material or the musical content. We are interested in publishing work that students can identify with, rather than music that underestimates their curiosity and intellect. We believe that students are cognizant of the world around them, therefore, the music should reflect their perspectives.

Selected scores will be published in a collection of works for middle-school students through See-A-Dot Music Publishing, Inc.


How to Submit

Please submit scores and recordings (MIDI files are acceptable) using the online form at our Contact Us page, which can be found hereWe will contact you if we are interested in publishing your score. 



  • Hi Matthew – While SAB is the usual designation to given to such music, it is really music for SA and Cambiata Voices, meaning recently changed (or currently changing ) male voice. Generally, this is a limited range bass cleff register. Unchanged male will still often sing alto. Sometimes one compositional solution is to include ‘ossia’ notes in the lower part so the singers can choose what feels most comfortable in their new voice. Here is an informative article on Cambiata Voices:

    I hope this is helpful!

  • What kind of file formats do you prefer for submissions.
    I compose using Sibelius 7. OK?

  • Hi Steve,

    Any format is fine. PDF is the most universal and you can couple that with a sound file if you wish.

    • This isn’t technically a competition, rather we are currently looking for certain kinds of pieces to publish for a special collection. We accept submissions from all over the world, so please feel free to send us your work!

    • Hi Edson,

      Any language is acceptable, as is piano accompaniment. We consider all pieces. There are no specific themes in mind, rather we are looking for pieces with themes of interest and relevance to middle school singers. My own experience of being a teenager was an interest in far more adult themes than I see in most pieces for middle school choir, so don’t be shy to explore ideas with depth. Feel free to take a look at other pieces in our catalog to get a feel for how we curate.

      • Thank you by the answers.
        I was checking my compositions and I saw two music that, perhaps, interest you to performance.
        Both the musics are “solfeggiettos”, that is: they are a specie of vocalizo, textless (like medieval organa), and short.
        – Solfeggietto no. 5 for sopranino girl and contraltino-girl
        – Solfeggietto no. 6 for sopranino boy and contratenor

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